ASEAN Pharma Market Report

ASEAN Pharma Market Report

What are the opportunities and threats presented by the ASEAN Pharma market for 2020 and beyond?

Aging populations are transforming pharmaceutical markets in Southeast Asia. Growing healthcare expenditures bring opportunities for pharma, but change also brings new complexities and challenges. Wider competition in pharma manufacturing across the region adds to the mix creating a dynamic environment to which industry players must adapt.

Notable challenges include accessing imports of high quality ingredients and growing exports to new markets while defending against imports from regional pharma giants India and China. But, with gentrification underway, a strong innovation base in Singapore and the potential of
a new single market, sizable opportunities are also present.

To emphasize the size of the opportunity, within the next decade over half of the world’s middle class will live within a six-hour flight of Bangkok – and free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand have further opened up the region’s potential. Annual revenue growth in the Southeast Asian pharmaceutical market is predicted to exceed 11% over the next 5 years with expected sales of $40bn in 2020. Such performance makes it one of the fastest growing in the world. The region presents rich pickings for pharma manufacturers that can effectively synergize GMP standards, competitive pricing and an export strategy.

This report includes the following segments:

Region Demographics
Manufacturing Outlook
Growing Focus on R&D
Fastest Growing Sectors
Anti-Counterfeit Measures
Thailand Regional Focus

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